DQ 😏

DQ 😏

the cure 🙅 #homemade #jazz #pazooki #madewithlove

the cure 🙅 #homemade #jazz #pazooki #madewithlove

whats real.

I have not been on tumblr in ages.

reading over a few of my old posts made me realize what a big goober I am. I almost always come back to rant about my unfortunate love stories. why am I such a hopeless romantic? 

no one is genuine anymore. just a bunch of phonies.

phonies with phony feelings.

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Anonymous asked:
Life goals?

1. pursue and create my passion in music
2. find a way to promote other upcoming artists
3. to enjoy my career
4. to make a change in this world
5. to be madly in love with someone for the rest of my life.

Anonymous asked:
Why didnt u ever pursue college?

I just hate school.

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