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note to self.

I had plans tonight- plenty of different options and usually I would commit to one but for some reason I just couldn’t. There are too many thoughts occupying my mind…

I don’t think it was a “random” decision to go to church today to visit some friends. It definitely was a part of God’s plan. The message really hit home for me:

"when your life gets busy it can possibly turn into a mess, and when life gets messy you tend to make the wrong decisions, and those wrong decisions are the ones you usually regret."

This has been the story of my life for the past year. I’ve become someone I don’t even recognize. I’ve fooled everyone that I’ve met. I don’t want to be this crazy party girl anymore. I want to pick myself up again and focus on my relationship with God. It’s so hard when He’s not the primary devotion in my life. I need to start getting my act together and make moves for my future. 

Time to let go of my wants and start picking up what I need.

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